Service Offerings


Based out of Memphis, River Horse DC is positioned to provide a range of transportation services that no other city and company in America can match.

Managed transportation efforts

Truckload and LTL

Memphis serves as a connection point for some of the nation’s key interstates and can reach 187.6 million people in 152 metro markets overnight via truck. River Horse Logistics has partnerships with truckload (TL), less than truckload (LTL), and dedicated carriers to help our customers manage their transportation efforts.

Our warehouse is located near I-40, one of the busiest trucking corridors in the U.S., and it intersects in Memphis with I-55, which connects Memphis with New Orleans, St. Louis and Chicago. A third major interstate, I-69, bisects Memphis and will eventually connect Canada and Mexico.

  • Competitive Inbound/Outbound TL/LTL Management
  • 60,000 Truckload Shipments Annually
  • Dedicated Delivery Routes

Transportation Partnerships

UPS, FedEx and DHL

Our partnerships with UPS and regional carriers allows us to provide our customers with very competitive rates that have proven to save substantial money. Riverhorse Logistics has a dedicated UPS trailer pool with a 4:00 p.m Monday through Friday pickup and an empty trailer is always on site if you need to load freight during the weekends.

Memphis is home to Federal Express, which operates a world wide hub less than 20 minutes from our location. UPS operates two hubs within the Memphis area, and DHL serves the Memphis market with a location less than 10 minutes from our warehouse.

  • Late Cut Off For Pickup and Delivery by UPS, FedEx and DHL
  • Single Point of Contact and Invoicing for Global Services

Transportation is Our Culture


Memphis is one of only four U.S. cities served by five Class One railroads, the BNSF, CSX, Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National. With their extensive reach, your goods can reach 45 states, Canada and Mexico by rail within 48 hours from our warehouse. And the BNSF yard is literally across the street from Riverhorse.

The Union Pacific railroad operates its most eastern location in Memphis, which cost effectively connects your business to the western United States.

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad has expanded its Tennessee Yard to 1,000,000 container lifts per year and includes parking for more than 6,000 trucks, an automated inventory tracking system, and five loading cranes.

The Norfolk Southern railroad operates three intermodal tracks and provides stacking capabilities, on load/off load services and provides access seven days per week.

The Canadian National railroad recently completed a $100 million expansion to its Memphis Harrison Yard location with a capacity of 3,100 freight cars and 45 tracks which allows it to handle 35 or more trains each day.

The CSX railroad shares an intermodal yard with the Canadian National and operates intermodal and automobile distribution terminals in Memphis.

  • Drayage, Intermodal, and Container Management
  • Over 5,000 US Intermodal Shipments Annually

Air Cargo

The City of Memphis, specifically Memphis International Airport, is the busiest cargo airport in North America and the second busiest in the world.

FedEx operates almost 400 flights per day, and handles more than 180,000 packages per hour at its Memphis hub. The 11:00 p.m. cutoff time for FedEx package pickup helps Memphis area businesses maximize same day shipping.

UPS has a significant presence in Memphis with approximately 134 acres, the most notable of which is a 293,000 square feet hub. Ongoing expansion will soon increase the hub facility to 424,000 square feet that will increase its sorting capability to 59,800 packages per hour.

  • Air Freight Management and 24 Hour Daily Express Delivery Services
  • Domestic and International Small Parcel Shipping


The Port of Memphis is the United States’ 5th largest inland port, and it is the second largest on the shallow draft portion of the Mississippi River.

Bordering the Tennessee and Arkansas banks of the Mississippi, there are 68 waterfront facilities on the 15 mile stretch of the Port of Memphis.

Of those, 37 are terminal facilities handling a multitude of cargoes. The Port of Memphis infrastructure includes five river ports and nearly 100 public and private terminals.

Moving freight by barge is the most cost effective means available, more so than rail or over the road trucking. Riverhorse DC can leverage our partnerships with transportation providers to help your business save money.

  • Outbound Optimization Utilizing The Port of Memphis


River Horse DC offers flexible international managed transportation solutions for our customers who ship around the globe. We manage nearly 50,000 ocean freight containers shipped globally on an annual basis through points on five continents. Let our experience work for your company to provide your customers the service they need.

  • Global Visibility of Inventory En Route or in Storage
  • Freight Forwarding Services with over 1,000 LSP’s in Asia
  • Import / Export Documentation
  • Mixed Mode and Dynamic Pricing with Carriers

Local and Regional Delivery

River Horse DC owns two straight trucks to offer our customers the ability to deliver products within a 200 mile radius of Memphis.

Whether you need to deliver a few skids locally or rush your product to a customer in Nashville, we can provide those services on short notice. Our drivers operate with a safety first mentality that ensures your product arrives on time and undamaged.