Supply Chain

River Horse Logistics offers services that are designed to meet your supply chain transportation, logistics, and compliance needs. We leverage our relationships with a network of professionals to deliver a custom solution for each client.

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Transportation Management

As experts in supply chain management, River Horse Logistics recognizes the importance of managing your inventory from end to end. To help you manage your supply chain, we have developed guidelines to help your company meet the challenges and implement solutions for transportation management.

  • Optimal Logistics Network Modeling
  • Custom Tailored Managed Distribution Networks

Supply Chain

Our experts can provide supply chain modeling with cost and risk analysis, retail and distribution center stocking policies, optimal logistics designs, low cost sources, automation, RFID implementations and much more.

  • Overall Supply Chain Modeling
  • Complete Vendor Management and Supplier Coordination
  • Efficient Management of Global Supply Chain Processes
  • International Sourcing and Manufacturing

The Right 4PL
For You

Turning over your entire logistics operation to another company can be a little scary for most businesses. That’s why you need an experienced and dedicated team to integrate into your company’s overall logistics strategy.

The typical River Horse Logistics team member has more than 15 years of operational or management experience working for major corporations. Moreover, our team members have over 5 years of professional experience optimizing business processes or implementing end to end supply chain solutions.

  • Comprehensively Integrated Technology
  • Manufacturing and DC Facilities Operations Management
  • Retail and DC Stocking Policies

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